Thousands tons of kiwi fruits are grown in Iran every year. Despite tough competition from the likes of Italy, France and New Zealand Ario’s kiwifruit sector has made progress in recent years thanks to modernization efforts in fields and pack houses (Our industry is not relaxing.). Ario co has short history but bright about Green kiwi fruit production with above quality. Iranian kiwi fruit taste is never tasteless but its taste and aroma is excellent and unique with above quality. You can search our buyers in India, Russia, Persian Gulf countries and other countries also work with us. It's for this reason that our company has worked out a comprehensive and stringent quality system with environmental standards for every stage in the production process from the orchard to the store: cultivation, management, storage, transport, etc.
We explain the main principles of the quality system in the below list:

Selection of Ario kiwi fruit Environment

Kiwis are strong and lasting fruits so they can grow in almost all types of temperatures but they grow best where there’s full sun or a light shade.

Ario kiwi fruit Land

Kiwis can be grown in any good garden soil but prefer rich humus soils with a soil pH of around 6.5. The soil should not be too sandy or hard clay. The best soil to use is sandy loam and should be moist, deep, and well drained. Also our soil is rich source of high nutrients and organic because we try to use compost. It contains: nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, and aluminum.  The most important of these be the nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium that they add to the soil while many cropping areas are deficient in at least one of these nutrients.  
Ario co has a strong desire to improve kiwi fruit agricultural land through enhanced drainage systems and farming techniques and etc.
Our kiwi fruit farmers give their plant the space it needs. The kiwi fruit plants are planted in rows and tied up have enough light and air.

Ario kiwi fruit Economical use of water

Irrigation plays a crucial role. Because we select our Lands carefully, hardly any artificial irrigation is needed. If the plants do nonetheless need some extra moisture, we never water the entire field. Only the roots are watered.

Ario kiwi fruit Outer Control

Our Fruits should be attractive, fresh, nutritive and with a good appearance and presentation. Besides should be freedom of pesticide, Agrochemicals, Bacteria and others. So agrochemical use should be within the Good Agricultural Practices framework to guarantee maximum safety and to minimize risks to the consumer's health.  Our packaging is 100% recyclable or re-usable.

Ario kiwi fruit Transport

kiwi fruit is very valuable so we try to optimize our transport to be sure that the excellent quality of our product is kept intact and healthy so we do different actions including:

  • Exact particular temperature and carefully control , humidity/moisture and possibly ventilation conditions
  • Be away from goods which are sensitive to moisture/humidity or release moisture
  • Packaging for shipping in Corrugated Plastic or cardboard boxes
  • be in refrigerated container with fresh air supply or controlled atmosphere
  • in damp weather (rain, snow), the cargo must be protected from moisture