Iranian Kiwi Fruit

Iranian kiwi fruit Introduction

kiwi fruit is a delicious and tasty winter fruit. This fruit is excellent source of nutrients so we can put it in the between useful fruits. The kiwi fruit is rich of vitamins like: A, B, C, E, K and its amount of vitamin C is more from orange fruit. Also its black seeds are rich of vitamin D. kiwi fruit is rich of above minerals like: Magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and help to reduce some diseases like: cancer, heart and etc. also remember this fruit is a low calorie fruit.

Iran country has long and bright history about fruits production especially kiwi fruit with above quality. So that despite rivals such as Italy and France, our company is exported kiwi fruit to the worldwide like: Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, Turkey, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and the Persian Gulf countries also we have very good markets in the Russian and India countries.The product growth is for different reasons like above quality, suitable shape, tasty and etc. so these matters(mentions) are caused to increased demand for buying this Iranian product more from other countries.

Iranian kiwifruit Cultivars

More of Iranian kiwifruit have grown in northern Iran for good weather. Early production of kiwi fruit, abundant products of third year after kiwi fruit planting, the balance of costs, reasonable price and etc. all these factors have caused to greater encouraged Iranian growers to grow and production this product.

1.       Iranian Green kiwi fruit

Iranian green kiwi fruit is the most popular kiwi sort in the country and in the recent years, more of Iranian kiwifruit gardens removal this harvest.This sort kiwi fruit is cultivated about %99 in the Iran gardens for different reasons like: The uniformity of fruit, marketability, high storage capacity, etc.

Kiwi tree is a subtropical plant, but is resistant to cold temperatures 18 degrees and tolerate to below zero. Some provinces in Iran are the only places where have all weather conditions growing this plant. Iran currently has First kiwi harvest per unit area, and this success owes proper planning and training classes and information updates in the planting, growing and harvest fields for kiwifruit growers.

Ario fruit co is exported green kiwifruit to the worldwide with special properties such as:

  • Best quality Hayward Kiwi
  • %100 Organic  and Natural
  • Grades A and A-Extra
  • Harvest removal of best the country areas
  • Package weight  is usually 5 kg  in the each basket 
  • High Quality Green Hayward kiwi fruit in 27, 30, 33 Sizes.
  • ·              Export possible to all the worldwide like: Russia,India, UAE, Pakistan, Persian Gulf Countries, etc.Type text or a website address or translate a document.

 2.       Iranian golden kiwi fruit

The golden kiwi has a smooth and hairy, 2-4" long, bronze (brown) skin, with a beak shape at the stem attachment. Flesh color varies from bright green to a clear, intense yellow.They're sweeter than green kiwifruit and less fuzzy than the green fruits, too.

Type text or a website address or translate a document.CancelTranslate from: PerIn recent years, our country has grown new types of kiwi fruit which is called the Golden Kiwi. This type of kiwi fruit is equal with New Zealand golden kiwi In terms of color, quality, and size, weight, prematurity and being resistant to diseases and also is equal with Hayward kiwifruit in terms of productivity. But currently, it is not reached mass production.

Iranian kiwi fruit Exports

Exports growth of Iranian kiwifruit is good situation against global exports. (in spite of the short history of export)Iranian Kiwi exports are growth and strengthenedbut its rivals aren't weak.

The major and largest Iranian kiwi markets in the worldwide:

We'll mention briefly some of our major international markets for you:

India country:

India country is one of the major and main Iran international markets and its imports capacity has a good rising that India country's imports growth rate is more of its export growth rate.

India country is good buyer for our citrus especially kiwi fruit. So due the Increasing imports to India country and its Large and growing population, Iran country can become one of the major production exporters including fruits if we perform suitable actions of political and economic in this matter.

Russia country:

Russia country is one other of the major and main Iran international markets. Iranian kiwi has good luck in the between Russian buyer. Also in the recent months this year to due developments in Ukraine and Malaysia's plane crash, Russia country is boycotted twenty-eight European countries (such as Italy, French, etc.) in the field of food(fruits, vegetables, etc.) for a year. So this is a good opportunity for us. We can provide good and unrivaled status in this country and also raise our exports capacity in the international markets if we improve suitable policies in the field of our quantity and quality productions. Type text or a website address or translate a document.