Kiwifruit History

kiwi fruit Introduction

kiwi fruit is a delicious and tasty winter fruit. kiwi fruit taste is tart- sweet and its skin color is green or golden. Also kiwi fruit skin is edible and adds to the fiber, but we suggestion if you want to eat it would be to throw it into a smoothie. There are three famous sorts of kiwi fruit in the world that their skin color is green, golden, brown, purple and red blush. The plant is dioeciously, which means that male and female flowers are found on separate kiwi plants; the male does not produce fruit. All the kiwi fruit varieties are excellent source of nutrients so we can put it in the between useful fruits. The kiwi fruit is rich of vitamins like: A, B, C, E, K and its amount of vitamin C is more from orange fruit. Also its black seeds are rich of vitamin D. kiwi fruit is rich of above minerals like: Magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and phosphorus also is rich of high antioxidants and fibers. Therefore it helps and reduces some diseases like: cancer, heart and etc.

Green kiwi fruit

Green kiwi fruit is one of the most major and popular kiwifruit sorts in the worldwide and its name is 'Hayward'. It's the most commonly available cultivar in stores. It is a large, egg-shaped fruit with a sweet flavor. The kiwifruit has a very interesting history. Native to China, kiwifruit s were originally known as Yang Tao. They were brought to New Zealand from China by missionaries in the early 20th century. In the after years in United States, changed its name from Chinese Gooseberry to kiwifruit .Now it finds in all the worldwide shops, such as Iran country, there are over than %99 Iranian gardens from this kiwi.

Golden kiwi fruit

This type of kiwi fruit is a golden variety of traditional kiwi fruit. The golden kiwi has a smooth and hairy, 2-4" long, bronze (brown) skin, with a beak shape at the stem attachment. Flesh color varies from bright green to a clear, intense yellow. This fruit is sweeter of green kiwi fruit and is known to the New Zealand Golden Kiwi. This gold variety is now available, but is not seen in all markets.

Berries kiwi fruit

The kiwi berry is a Particular species of kiwifruit .The fruit are known to as kiwi berry, baby kiwi, dessert kiwi, grape kiwi and etc.
It is more correctly known as Actinidia arguta or A. arguta which grows wild in parts of China and is also found in naturally worldwide. This fruit size is similar to edible, berry or grape and its form and taste is similar to kiwifruit but is green, brownish, or purple with smooth skin, sometimes with a red blush. Often sweeter than the kiwifruit , hardy kiwifruit can be eaten whole and need not be peeled.