How to Eat a Kiwi Fruit

kiwi fruit is a delicious and tasty winter fruit. This fruit is excellent source of nutrients so we can put it in the between useful fruits. In the worldwide there are different productions from each ingredient of kiwi fruit such as kiwi fruit seed, kiwi fruit skin, and kiwi fruit flesh and etc. Many people don’t really and exactly know how to eat or use them while there are different and easy ways in this matter. Use the following step-by-step guide to crack the skin and get down to the flavorful center of that kiwi sitting in your fridge. The steps are including:

1. Wash The kiwi fruit

kiwi fruits, like most other imported fruits, go through a lengthy series of shipping crates and containers before reaching their final destination. Things like bugs, dirt, and bacteria usually travel with them. So make sure to run it under some water before getting started.

2. Eat kiwi fruit ( all the it : skin, seed)Like an Apple

But most people will not eat it and don't like the flavor of the peel and so remove it. Are there reasons to encourage them to eat kiwi fruit skin?
Yes, we have good and brief reasons about this matter:

  • The kiwi fruit skin is rich source of high nutrients, minerals, vitamins (vitamin C, E and etc.), antioxidants (flavonoid), fibers (insoluble fiber, soluble fiber), and enzymes.
  • kiwi fruit skin is an excellent source of above nutrients so has a lot of beneficial for us such as the vitamin C and E help with strengthen the immune system against free radicals and microbial. Flavonoids (one of major antioxidants) have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-cancer properties.  Fibers are helpful in the prevention of colon cancer as well as digestive system. Enzymes play an important role in digestion health.

3. Chop it in Half and Eat the Insides with a Spoon

The fruit is separated from the skin easily, this is an effective and fun way to eat kiwi.

4. Use kiwi fruit as Delicious Desserts

The fruit dessert is a very delicious snack and useful in an afternoon. There are different desserts in the worldwide that one of them made made with a meringue base and topped with kiwis.

5. Use kiwi fruit Juice into a Smoothie

We can use it in a day of summer breakfast or afternoon or any time of day. There are different smoothies in the worldwide which are delicious and refreshing beverage and very wonderful for you.

6. Make a Jam or Chutney out of Kiwi

kiwi fruit jam or chutney are popular in the between Iranian people. To make a jam, you'll need kiwis, mason jars, and depending on how fancy you'd like to get, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and apples. A chutney is a bit different from a jam. Chutneys can be sweet and savory, and usually contain a mixture of spices and fruit or vegetables.
You can find different recipes in a cookbook.