How to Peel a Kiwi Fruit

Iranian kiwi fruit skin is one of the most popular productions of kiwi fruit. kiwi fruit skin is an excellent source of high nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers and enzymes so has too much benefit for us.  But most people will not eat it and don't like the flavor of the peel and so remove it as well as most people like to remove the kiwi's furry skin before adding it to fruit salads, dishes and as a fruit topping for ice cream.

There are many different methods to peel the perfect kiwi fruit in the between people which we are mentioned the best way to peel the perfect kiwi fruit. Just follow this step-by-step guide and you too will master this skill and start peeling the perfect kiwi fruit in no time! It is very easy and anyone can do it:

  • Hold the kiwifruit in the clockwise to have a good end result.
  • Make sure that the kiwi fruit is not too ripe but nice and firm
  • Use a small sharp knife
  • Cut out the top and bottom of the kiwi fruit
  • Then make a slight slit through the skin lengthwise:

learn kiwi fruit is pretty small, and is a rough oval in form. Naturally, this isn’t the most convenient shape to peel. So before doing anything else, lay the kiwi fruit on its side and trim off the ends. You don’t need to lop off very much; roughly a quarter of an inch will do.

  • Use a dessert spoon (oval shaped) to continue the peeling process:

Though you might think that a potato peeler or similar gadget is necessary to peel a kiwi, the skin is surprisingly soft and easy to separate. All you’ll need is a spoon with a relatively thin edge.

  • Insert the spoon where you have just made the slit and let the spoon do the work by simply turning.