How to Prepare and Serve Kiwi Fruits

Many people are unaware of the health benefits associated with kiwi fruit. It is known to contain more Vitamin C than oranges and as much potassium as bananas. kiwi fruit is also very high in fiber, which is an element that is known to be essential for weight loss. The water-based fruit is low in both calories and cholesterol. Kiwi, which is green on the outside and has a thick brown skin, is a great fruit choice for anyone who is conscious of what they eat. Here are some of the things that you may be wondering about how to prepare and serve kiwi fruits.
How to Choose kiwi fruits
Much like choosing any other type of fruit, there are certain things that you will want to look out for when choosing kiwi. The most important thing is to feel for firmness. kiwi fruit is better if eaten when it is semi-firm or semi-soft. kiwi fruit that is too firm is not yet ready to be eaten. It is likely that it will still be very sour at this point. A kiwi fruit that feels too soft indicates that it will be mushy when you cut it. Also keep in mind that you will want to find a kiwi that does not have too many blemishes or bruises on it. Store the kiwi fruit in the refrigerator if you are not planning to cut it right away.
How to Prepare kiwi fruits
It is important to wash any fruit before cutting it. This will prevent your chances of eating pesticides or bacteria. Simply rinse it off with warm water. Although you can use a vegetable cleaning spray, it is important to keep in mind that it really does not make a huge difference. You can use a paper towel to dry the kiwi fruit off.
In order to prepare a kiwi fruit, the first thing that you will want to do is peel the skin. To do this, cut off each end of the kiwi. Then, get your knife underneath the skin of the kiwi and peel it from all the way around the entire fruit. If this does not work for you, try peeling the fruit vertically, beginning from the top to the bottom. This will take slightly longer to do but can make the peeling process easier.
Once the kiwi has been peeled, the next thing that you will need to do is slice it. kiwi fruits have a core in the center. Some people prefer to cut around the core. There are also people who prefer to scoop the seeds out of the fruit. Keep in mind that both of these things are not necessary to do. Slicing the kiwi fruit horizontally is the easiest way. If you want to cut around the core of the fruit, you can also cut the kiwi in vertical slices.
Many people do not realize that you do not need to peel and cut a kiwi fruit in order to eat it. The skin and seeds of kiwi fruits can be eaten, but keep in mind that you will want to avoid eating the core of the fruit.
How to Serve kiwi fruits
No matter what dish it is that you are thinking about serving, it is likely that kiwi fruit will make a great addition. Kiwi goes great in a fruit salad, especially if you are looking for a fruit that that will either complement or replace strawberries. Also keep in mind that kiwi can go great in a fruit salad with other tropical fruits, such as mango, pineapple, and papaya.
Since kiwi goes so great with strawberries, it will be a great addition to strawberry or vanilla varieties of yogurt or ice cream. All that you need to do is place a few slices of kiwi on top. Serve it with only kiwi or add any other fruits that you want. Strawberries and blueberries are great choices.
Mango salsa can be served with tortilla chips or on top of your meat, vegetables, or pasta. There are a wide variety of mango salsa recipes online. All that you need to do is add a kiwi to the mango salsa recipe that you are planning to use.
Kiwi can also be a great choice if you want to add some extra flavor to your smoothie. Since kiwi fruits are so small, you will probably want to add another fruit, such as strawberries. All that you need to do is add the fruit, yogurt or ice cream, and ice to the blender. Blend until frothy enough for your liking. This is a great choice for a hot summer's day!
Another way to serve kiwi fruit is to put it on top of a dessert. It can be added to any type of cake, cheesecake, pie, or even cupcakes. You can cut little chunks of kiwi to mix with the icing of your choice. If you have already put icing or cool whip on top of a dessert, simply place slices of the kiwi fruit on top.
If you are planning to have waffles or pancakes, you can serve them with kiwi fruit. You can use strawberry or blueberry jam. Lay slices of fruit on top of the jam, or add a layer of whipped cream in between. Strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple will also go great on top of your breakfast!
It is important to keep in mind that kiwi fruit is not a suitable choice for everyone. Babies and those who suffer from Acid Reflux may have a difficult time eating kiwi due to the high levels of acid that it contains. Keep in mind that those who can eat kiwi fruit will be sure to benefit from it, however. Although the fruit is often overlooked because it is so small and is not considered to have a very distinct flavor, kiwi is actually of very high nutritional value.